I know I haven’t posted in ages, but I intend to get back to it shortly after the new year. I’ve actually written quite a bit since my last public post, probably upwards of about 20 full articles. Some have been posted on other sites or at least intended for other sites, while there’s a couple handfuls that have sat idly in the Drafts folder. I’ve got a bad perfectionist habit and it gets in the way of hitting the Publish button when it comes time. I promise, I’m going to get better about that.

When I do return to writing, I will be switching to a new blogging system and a new hosting site. WordPress has it’s virtues, mostly being free and easy. Unfortunately, WordPress also has it’s massively overwhelming flaws. Leading the pack is the horrible analytics system and the synthetic exclusion of Google Analytics as an option. There are other problems, but I frankly can’t find reasons to continue using WordPress when there are other options. When I do change over, I’m going to take a little time to seek out alternatives, either something based in ASP.Net or possibly going the route of static blogging with something like Disqus for comments.

Anyway, I’ll post something when I make the switch, so followers need only watch for that.